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Professional Accountancy Services

Lall Ondhia has an experienced team of small business accountants in London.

Our aim is to help your business achieve its financial objectives and meet compliance with the following accounting and reporting services:

  • Recruitment and training of your finance personnel
  • Advice on how to use the full potential of accounting software and systems
  • Formulation and analysis of financial documents, such as financial statements and management accounts
  • Preparing and calculating financial forecasts, like expected cash flow and projected profit margins
  • Handling of your company’s taxes and financial processes, including payroll

Our team of auditors and other fiscal experts not only excels at handling accounting for small business owners, we also offer our services to companies in different commercial sectors, from charities to professional practices.

We cater to the accounting needs of medium-sized businesses, from family-owned companies to multinational company subsidiaries. We further assist freelancers and other young working professional.

When you plan to start a business, we recommend talking to an accountant because it allows you to make informed decisions about your plan. An experienced accountant will be able to tell you if sole trader or partnership would be a better format for your company.

Aside from our small business accounting services, we help clients understand the implications of our calculations for their business. The correct interpretation of what the gathered numerical and financial data means for the future and operation of your business is one of the most important facets of SME accounting.

Lall Ondhia provides you with accurate, meticulously compiled information and the vital analysis that makes them invaluable to your business operations. No matter the sector and size of the business or whether you’re a start-up, our experienced accountants provide the same attention to detail and personalised service.

We will listen to your requirements and provide proactive business advice. We will communicate with you honestly and quickly.

Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

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