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Business Planning

Business Planning Services in London, UK

Business plans are one of the easiest ways to create and implement a strategy that will help you achieve your business goals.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to reduce overheads by 15% or grow your business by 20%, Lall Ondhia’s business planning services will help you reach your desired goals.

Our consultants can create comprehensive business plans, no matter the size and requirements of your organisation.

Why do I need help with my business plan?

If you are like most people, you probably wouldn’t invest in a smartphone or a car without doing proper research.

You would only purchase one after weighing the pros and cons of different models and then you’d make sure the unit is working properly before taking the car or phone home. 

It’s the same with effective and efficient business planning – preparation is the key. Proper preparation will help you set realistic financial targets, establish cost-efficient budgets and compare forecast figures with actual results. 

Lall Ondhia’s business plan consultants in London do all these and more. We clearly identify customer benefits as well as evidence of future prospects for your business growth.

Our team members come from a range of business backgrounds, with the experience and expertise to provide excellent support to start-ups and established companies.

The Lall Ondhia Difference

Since 1974, we have been providing excellent business planning services to businesses. Our business planning consultants based in London make sure to gain a firm grasp of what you need and the needs of your business during our initial meeting.

The information we gather will allow us to create a business plan tailored to your goals as well as provide you with the right advice and support. 

We also understand how important it is that your business plan is practical and versatile.

Business plans are working documents so they should allow for some change over time, which is why we actively review your plan and make necessary changes to ensure you are achieving your goals.

Benefits of Creating a Business Plan with Lall Ondhia

Many businesses fail in their first year because they do not plan and strategise adequately.

When you sign up for Lall Ondhia’s business plan consulting services in London, we will help you:

  • See the bigger picture

We plan your business right so that you can have a clearer picture of your business as a whole.

This makes operations easier to work out as you can easily connect the dots between your strategy and the tactics you need to achieve your goals.

  • Strategise your brand identity

When we define your target market as well as the products and services you offer to match your customers’ needs, we can create an identity for your brand and focus on building that identity. 

  • Set priorities

In a business, it is impossible to do everything at once. When we create your business plan, you can order actions in terms of their value/significance and allocate your resources, time and effort in an efficient manner.

  • Manage change

When we effectively plan your business, you can track your progress and see new developments, allowing you to adjust your strategies accordingly. 

To learn more about our business planning services in London, contact us today. 

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