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Professional Finance Planning Services

Comprehensive Financial Planning Services For Personal and Business Clients

We recognise that entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals are highly motivated people.

You’re driven to seize every opportunity to widen customer reach and grow your business.

That intense focus, however, could take a toll on other aspects of your business, including financial planning.

This is where Lall Ondhia steps in.

We offer comprehensive financial planning services that bring you closer to your financial goals. 

What We Do 

As a trusted business plan consultant in London, we’ve helped hundreds of start-up companies, mid-sized to large businesses, freelancers and property investors take better control over their finances.

We’ll do the same for you. We will look at how your business has performed and what needs to be done going forward. 

Our team begins with analysing, interrogating and interpreting figures that matter.

We will then check for compliance issues and identify risks that may hinder you from achieving your goals.

We will also produce financial reports that help you get a better look at those figures — and what they mean for your business.

Our financial reporting services cover:

  • Statutory financial reporting for companies
  • Accounts preparation for limited liability partnerships 
  • Annual financial reporting and accounting for charities and charitable incorporated organisations
  • Annual accounts preparation for unincorporated companies, including partnerships 

Why Choose Us? 

At LallOndhia, we provide financial planning that gets down to business.

We have worked with clients from different sectors; we’re experienced in taxation and compliance rules and regulations in many industries.

But no matter your industry, our team provides personalised service, helping you make better-informed business decisions with greater confidence.

Next Step:

Please contact us if you need further advice, have any questions about our services, or would like a free consultation or a fixed quote.

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