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How do you compare against your competitors?

Ever wondered how your business rates against others in your industry? We are able to help identify the areas where there is an opportunity for improvement.

Benchmarks are vital to enhance your company’s business strategies and plans for future growth.

Our knowledgeable and experienced team can provide you with tailored insights that drive efficiency and improvement throughout your entire organisation.

We offer the support to make data drive services to help enhance the products and services of your business.

Benchmarks are critical to making sense of data and identifying the real issues that an organisation needs to focus on to make real improvements and develop. Many organisations use benchmarking to enhance their business strategies and plan for growth.

Benchmarking programmes comprise four steps:

  • Identification and/or calibration of the performance gap
  • Clarification of the strategic impact of the benchmarked process
  • Identification and implementation of process improvements or strategic changes
  • Maintaining stimulus for continuous improvement.

Use our benchmarking service and report and to see:

  • How you compare against the industry average
  • The best and worst statistics in your industry.

We’ll identify how you compare in all sorts of key areas including:

  • Sales levels and growth rates
  • Debtor days – how good you are at collecting in the cash
  • Gross and net profits margins
  • Liquidity.

The benefits of benchmarking will help organisations to:

  • Show that performance targets can be achieved
  • Accelerate and manage change
  • Enable process improvement
  • Maintain focus on the external environment.

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