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VAT Consultancy Services in London, UK

At Lall Ondhia, we add value to your Value Added Tax. Our experts deliver services that reduce the complexities and administration burden that comes from operating in today’s corporate world.

We provide assistance with VAT Registration, VAT Planning and VAT Returns. We also offer VAT Health Checks to quickly identify and reduce your company’s overall VAT liabilities.

VAT issues that arise from prospective business plans can compromise arrangements and incur massive costs to a company.

At Lall Ondhia, we provide VAT consultancy services that support companies in the complex areas of VAT.

Our VAT tax consultants can assist with a wide variety of VAT issues, ranging from VAT application and registration to complex matters such as capital goods schemes and partial exemption calculations.

We also carry out general VAT reviews that enable businesses to take a proactive approach to their VAT.

This provides companies with early exposure to VAT errors that could give rise to costly assessments, penalties from HMRC and interest charges.

Our VAT consulting services in London can also identify VAT opportunities to improve cash flow, providing companies with the valuable knowledge that their businesses can be VAT efficient.

Top Tips For Keeping Good VAT Records

Lall Ondhia’s VAT UK consulting services include offering expert advice such as:

  • Keep trading records in order

Not only should you keep the records that HMRC wants, but they should be ordered in a way that the documents can be found in case of inspections. 

  • Keep VAT records to hand

Keep separate folders (digital or paper) containing a copy of your VAT registration certificate, copies of submitted VAT returns and copies of any correspondence with HRMC.

  • Create sales records

Keep copies of all VAT invoices issued by your business that show your VAT registration number, the tax point, supply description and the rate of VAT charged.

  • Keep records of all your purchasing activities

Keep copies of all purchase invoices and receipts issued to your business that show export documents relating to overseas trade, original VAT invoices, credit notes and other documents that alter supply value.

Companies of all sizes are regularly confronted with difficult VAT-related questions.

For more expert advice, contact us today for our VAT consultancy services in London.

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